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A Greater Reset than ever they Imagined

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The Birth of a New World

Am thinking the struggle of our time, 21, birth of the ego, goes all the way out to The War in Heaven, the disagreement between the planetary intelligences.
Those who say, “Mankind isn’t up to the task, they need monitoring, guidance, slavery is all they are good for.”
The Schillerian Freedom Fighters, “Mankind has a heart and soul and aligned to truth and the fruitful, will put the all devils in their places and carry the wounded and injured and the world itself towards Heaven and Godly abundance”.
It is destined that we will.
All in their place can help this happen, whether in the monastery or in the field.

This Blogger

Is a fighter. A fighter for freedom. An enemy of tyranny. May we all be inspired to build a society respecting Humanity, Creativity and Godliness.

Troubled Times

Dear Fellows, the world surely teeters toward totalitarianism. Just considering the modus operandi of the oppositional forces, from Socrates, JC, Hypatia, Jean Darc, Jaques de Molay, Hugo of Tours, Caspar Hauser,.. and as some tell, the suffocation of the sunspirit in materialism, we may have unexpected, shocking and difficult fates in front of us. SideContinue reading “Troubled Times”

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