Troubled Times

Dear Fellows, the world surely teeters toward totalitarianism. Just considering the modus operandi of the oppositional forces, from Socrates, JC, Hypatia, Jean Darc, Jaques de Molay, Hugo of Tours, Caspar Hauser,.. and as some tell, the suffocation of the sunspirit in materialism, we may have unexpected, shocking and difficult fates in front of us. Side by side with these, Jean Darc leads her times into the Rennaisannce,… the Templars high ideals and deeds lead to a Christendom oder Europa such as Novalis shares with us.
Should we be displaced from the places and people we love and work for, we can still hold to our hearts desires and share our efforts from wherever we will.
We may yet be the lighthouses of the 21st Century.

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